This Brooklyn roster is nasty

So KD returned today.

He didn't see any action until midway through the second quarter.

When he got on, he put together 17 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists in just 19 minutes of action and didn't miss a shot.


It's not breaking news but this Brooklyn Nets roster is stupidly good.

We know the big 3.

KD, Kyrie & James Harden.

Harden didn't even play today, he's sidelined with a hamstring injury and they still put 139 points.

Then there's Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge.

Pretty handy in their own right.

Talk that Blake Griffin's game was significantly worse than what it once was are ridiculous, sure he isn't as athletic but he's still got plenty to offer including a jump shot.

Who else?

Jeff Green has been balling of late.

Joe Harris is one of the best catch & shoot players in the league.

And don't forget Deandre Jordan - he hasn't played much in the past week - what's going on there do we know?

The thing I can't figure out, is why the Nets are still paying $3.50 to win the championship - surely that's value!

I know there's a bloke, or perhaps a couple in LA that might have something to say about that but at this point in time, crikey, I'll take a ticket on Brooklyn thank you very much.

Harden should be back in a couple of weeks, if they can get them all fit and firing for the Playoffs, this is going to be like watching an All-Star game every night.

I've taken the $3.50.

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