This Bronco deserves a pay rise

The Broncos and a club statement.

Name a more iconic duo.

Whoever is writing these press releases needs to be earning more money.

I reckon over the past 12 months, the Broncos media department has polled more Dally M votes than anyone else on the roster, perhaps with the exception of Kotoni Staggs.

They would have been pulling some long hours.

It'll be interesting to see how Kevvie and the club handle this one.

It's certainly no excuse, but we forget that Payne Haas is just 21 years old - sure, he should still know better.

Here's big Payne a few days prior to being arrested for intimidating a police officer and foul language.

I know I certainly made a few mistakes when I was his age.

Thankfully, after a fair deal of encouragement - let's call it that - from my parents, I learnt from my indiscretions and turned out to be okay.

But as a die hard broncos fan, I am sure I speak on behalf of many when I say - we just don't need any more of that this year.

2020 was hard enough.

We're about 55 sleeps away from crushing Parramatta @ Suncorp, everyone needs to be on the same page now, all pushing towards getting the Broncos back into the finals - I presume making finals would be among Kevvie's goals for 2021.

The Broncos have been wound out a little, now $3.70 to make the Top 8 - if you're partial to a bet, that might be something to get behind in 2021.

But hats off to the media department @ Red Hill, it can't be easy having to deal with these things.

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