They've done it again

Can you believe this?!

How good are these guys and gals - and their families.

Today it was announced that the New Zealand Warriors will relocate to NSW for at least the first three months of 2021 - meaning they'll play at the very least, the first four rounds of the competition here.

Obviously this is COVID enforced with there yet to be a travel bubble established between Australia & New Zealand.

They were scheduled to play their first two games @ home against the Titans and then the Knights, somewhat of a reward and perhaps even a thank you for the sacrifices they made this year to keep the competition going.

Sadly, that's not happening.

In fact, the Warriors players and staff won't barely be sobered up from New Years celebrations before they hop on a flight to NSW on January 3.

That's a very early start!

It is expected that the Warriors will spend most of the year based out of home, but of course that isn't confirmed.

Right now, it's just important for us all to thank the Warriors for their continued sacrifice - this being away from your family for extended periods of time business can't be much fun.

No doubt, again next year, the Warriors will be everyone's second team, if you're not already a die hard supporter of this great club.

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