They're too good. My apology to the Melbourne Storm.

I’ll put my hand up, I am f#$king idiot.

I just wanted to put that out there so you understand that I have acknowledged my own faults. A bit of self-reflection never hurt anyone.

Hopefully I'll be better for this experience.

Here’s what happened.

On Sunday 25th October 2020, the Melbourne Storm met the Penrith Panthers in the NRL Grand Final.

I, being the loser that I am, foolishly invested on the Penrith Panthers based on the fact that they had won 17 straight and had beaten Melbourne in their meeting earlier in the year.

But I forgot one thing. And it was a fairly important thing.

The Storm are pretty bloody good.

Cameron Smith is pretty bloody good.

Ryan Papenhuyzen and Cam Munster are pretty bloody good.

Their wingers, their forward pack, their whole club, are PRETTY BLOODY GOOD.

Oh, Craig Bellamy.

Yeah, he’s not bad either.

Suffice to say, that by the time it was 22-0 after Cameron Smith went over just on the 40 minute mark, I spent much of the half-time interval crying in the male restrooms of the Hamilton Hotel in Brisbane.

Some teams come and go, when you lose players like Greg Inglis, Cooper Cronk & Billy Slater, you’d be forgiven for thinking an era of dominance may begin to fade.

No, the Storm are too good.

Everything I hear about their organisation, it just screams ‘class’.

It often sounds cliche, but winning isn’t just about the 17 blokes who run out on to the field. It’s all the front office, the support staff, the accountants, the coaches, the commercial managers, the social media team...

Everyone! It’s all those pieces of the puzzle.

Some organisations don’t get it, others do.

You can see for yourself with the way the playing group got along in the bubble that that’s just 1 big family down in Melbourne.

Cam Smith said it best, 5 months living out of home. It's a tall order.

So I've learnt something this past weekend from the Melbourne Storm, a very valuable lesson on that fateful Sunday, never bet against champion teams, or in this instance, champion organisations.

I thank the Melbourne Storm for providing me with such an education.

Bring on origin.

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