These blokes (& gals) are farking legends

A couple of tough images coming out of New Zealand this morning.

The New Zealand Warriors are heading to Australia to set up for a minimum 3-month stint in Australia.

So again, the New Zealand Warriors, led by their skipper, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck are making some big sacrifices.

Away from family and friends, again. That sucks. That just really sucks.

The Warriors played their last home game in Round 5 of 2020 and on Sunday they'll touch down in Tamworth, where they are committed to a stay that extends to at least April 4.

What happens after that? Who knows.

Will they get to host some home games in Auckland, maybe. It's of course all dependent on what happens with COVID and what the quarantine measures might look like.

As a man who loves his rugby league, and I mean, I absolutely love it, I am so grateful to the Warriors organisation, and by that I mean everyone. All the coaches, support staff, manages, the whole box and dice.

What would of happened to the comp in 2020 if the Warriors decided they were staying home? What would have happened...

Perhaps the best part, they're not prepared to make excuses. They want results in 2021 - the adversity is not something they're factoring into the calculations.

Their CEO Cameron George made it clear, they're ready to overcome anything that may be thrown their way.

If they happened to win it all in 2021 - you'd have to make some form of documentary or movie about it - I am sure they're already making plenty of content.

Who would play new head coach Nathan Brown in a movie? Woody Harrelson or Ed Harris perhaps?

But while there is again little clarity on when they'll be able to return to Auckland, club CEO Cameron George says it will not hurt the team on the field in 2021.

They'll be everyone's second team again in 2021 - if of course, you're not already a die hard Warriors fanatic - there's plenty out there!

Thank you once again to this fantastic organisation, such great people.

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