The Wizards will get their first W today

Everybody just calm down.

Scott Brooks is not getting fired - I don't think.

Washington aren't getting blown out, in fact they've been competitive in every game so far this year.

Everyone's an expert - I get that.

Defensively they can tighten things up and they probably let the Bulls second unit offer a little too much.

The Bulls owned the paint as well, they out-rebounded the Wizards and had +22 more points in the paint.

There's the game right there.

Other than that, it was really tight - the Bulls just got up a few more shots and did it at a better %.

Every game this season has been contested.

So here's what I am doing, I am backing the Wizards today.

The Timberwolves are 2-2, blown out twice in LA against the Lakers & Clippers respectively.

Karl-Anthony Towns is out with that wrist injury and that leaves the T'Wolves pretty vulnerable and very thin.

Washington to get their first win today is a great bet!

If you're reading this in Australia, you can get $2.00 about the Wizards right now - it's really good betting at that price.

Scott Brooks is a good coach, they're learning how to play with one another, today they will stand up.

Go Wizards.

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