The Wallabies 1-12 was looking good for a while

So a couple of things on our article yesterday.

You can read that here.

Firstly, I am now acutely aware that the Wallabies do in fact have another test match this year on December 5 against Argentina.

My bad!

Unfortunately by the time I had checked my messages to realise my error, I was already about 6 beers deep on Saturday afternoon.

Anyways, I digress.

What about the match.

We thought the Wallabies 1-12 was a good bet on the basis that we'd see an arm wrestle and a bit of a shoot out off the boot.

Hodge ended up kicking 5 penalty kicks, so too did the Pumas.

15-15 and not a try scored despite Jordan Petaia's best efforts.

Poor old Reece Hodge, I see in the post-game he said he feels as if he let his country down by missing an opportunity to go 6 for 6 in the 78th minute.

It's okay for him to feel that but I don't believe it to be true.

The Wallabies had their chances to win, with 17 minutes remaining, it was 15-6 and we've gone on to concede 3 penalties to allow the Nicolas Sanchez and the Pumas to square things up.

I don't put this on Reece Hodge.

Nor could you put the other one on him from earlier in the Tri Nations against New Zealand when he hit the post from 55m out.

But haven't the Pumas come to play in 2020?

They didn't play for a year, they come out and beat the All Blacks and then they snatch a draw with the Wallabies when they trailed for most the night.

For the Wallabies, no doubt that draw will feel like a loss. 15-6 lead and in control of the game on the back of a strong kicking game but poor turnovers meant we couldn't finish the job. Maybe some impatience in attack? We seemed to be able to build pressure but then got a bit sloppy.

1 try would have blown the game out, the Pumas never really looked likely to score.

That loss makes it mighty hard for the Wallabies to win the tri nations, two games left, you'd be a brave man to suggest the All Blacks won't come out ready to fire next week.

Good luck Argentina!

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