The try that stopped a nation

Too bad if you missed this from the weekend. Last week it was a scrum that stole the headlines, this week, well it's a try.

Queensland Premier Rugby finals have been decided.

Let me set the scene...

Colts 1 Preliminary final, Brothers Vs Bond.

A hard fought contest in which Brothers jump out to an early lead and go into the sheds at halftime up 13-0.

Bond fight, they fight very hard. A yellow card to Brothers openside flanker Mitch Lowrie helps their cause, Bond rally to take the lead.

15-13 to Bond with 3 minutes left on the clock and Bond are attacking, they have a scrum in the Brothers 22m. The equation is simple, hold the ball for a couple of minutes and they're off to a GF.

Simple, right?

They play a couple of phases and have Brothers short on the attacking left edge.

Enter Brothers fullback, Athen Waia. Waia has to make a play, and he does, shooting up into the line, he intercepts the pass and then it's a foot race.

Words can't really do it justice, just watch this. Fast forward to about 1:36:00 of the game.


Heart break for the boys from Bond who improved greatly this year. Absolute heart break.

Bond halfback Spencer Jeans gallantly trying to run down Waia but he couldn't get there.

I am not sure there's anything that can be said to that side to make them feel any better, literally a couple of phases away from a remarkable win.

For Brothers, they'll meet old adversaries UQ in the GF.

UQ handed it to Brothers last week, but does this win give the filth some confidence to take into next week? Surely...

Brothers didn't have their best stuff against Bond, which is encouraging going into the final. Brothers will no doubt spend the week sharpening up the line out and kicking plans.

But UQ will have to control the Brothers left edge attack, skipper Nick Cross setting up 2 first half tries for winger Daniel Muller.

This'll be a cracking grand final next Sunday @ Ballymore. We'll have a full preview later in the week with our players to watch from both sides.

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