The Stock Exchange Hotel is closing? F#ck you 2020.

Well as if 2020 wasn't shit house enough.

Now this arsehole of a year is taking away the Stock Exchange Hotel from us.

Where are all the financial advisors, lawyers and accountants going to drink on a Friday afternoon now? Friday's will be full.

I should say, this article will only really appeal to our Brisbane readers.

But this is just another kick in the guts.

The Stock Exchange will serve its last beers on December 13.

I vividly remember a mate of mine getting arrested outside Stocky one night after a good 6 hour session at the iconic pub.

That was probably the best part of 15 years ago.

All the readers that are around 28-35 will know what I am talking about, the Stock Exchange was the place to be for so fucken long.

Probably it and the Port Office, it was standing room only.

If you couldn't pick up at the Stocky or the Porto, particularly on a Thursday night, you had something seriously wrong with you.

Even I got lucky on occasion.

The really old school stocky was brilliant, then they did some renovations and it arguably only got better.

You could go there for a punt, a quiet chat, a dance floor, to watch a game of footy, an outdoor beer or a full on rave. It really catered for the whole demographic.

Apparently no reason was given for the closure, but you'd think it's just purely based on the fact that they're not making enough money.

Why didn't they tell us earlier?

Anyways, from a bloke who had his fair share of beers, rums and bets at the Stocky, thank you for your hospitality and let's hope someone can get their hands on this place and bring it back to life.

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