The Set Of Six: Mediocre NRL Players – St. George Illawarra Dragons

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

If you saw the clue from the Knights edition and thought – yep the clue obviously refers to the Dragon in Shrek so he must be doing St. George next...then thank you and welcome back.

Naturally when you think of the Dragons, you think of two things. For me and I assume all Red V supporters, their rousing club anthem ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’ comes to mind. Or, you sing that song before suddenly feeling a stomach churning choking sensation coming on.

A once proud club, St. George Illawarra have quickly become an advertisement for the dangers of choking whilst ahead, often wasting a good start to a season before kindly falling off a cliff. They are the premature ejac...never mind.

Too far?

Maybe, but this is the 14th SET OF SIX I’ve written. I cared little about the rules during number one, so god knows I care ever less now.

Come at me Red V army.

Jake Marketo (2010-2017) – 51 Games, 5 Tries

Wowsers this one is bizarre.

Second-generation first grader Jake Marketo (dad Michael played 53 games for Balmain in the 1980s), began his NRL career in the most regular of fashions. However, how it ended and his post NRL life was Amy Shark performing NRL Grand Final pre-game entertainment levels of strange.

As his career fizzled out in 2017, Jake had to find another club….or code. Surely his lust for big hits and competitive fire would take him somewhere worthwhile. A new NRL team perhaps?

The Super League?

If Romanian Rugby Union wasn’t your first guess, then you are not alone. Yes, in 2018 Jake trained with the Timișoara Saracens in the Romanian Rugby Union.

From the NRL to Romanian Rugby Union!

Sometimes life just isn’t meant to make sense.

Did You Know: Marketo played 1 NRL game in 2017, but that year also appeared for City Origin in the final City vs Country Game?

Daniel Vidot (2012-2013) – 35 Games, 14 Tries

Speaking of St. George rejects who went on to have, shall we say unique post NRL careers, for NRL bruiserweight Daniel Vidot is now a WWE Superstar.

Rugby League and Wrestling are two of my greatest loves on this planet, right up there with Brookvale Union Ginger Beer and the musical stylings of Michael Buble at Christmas. So to see the pair come together is like poetry in motion for me.

Before embarking on his wrestling voyage, Vidot was a powerhouse winger for three clubs, first at Canberra before stints with the Red V and Brisbane to finish. He had a mean streak to, which isn’t surprising considering his current line of work, and was one of the most feared flankers in the game.

Recently, Vidot (under his real name) wrestled his first televised match on WWE SmackDown, losing to former multi-time WWE Champion Sheamus.

Next year, I expect him to main event WrestleMania.

Josh McCrone (2016-2017) – 28 Games, 1 Try

Last year as the 2010s decade came to an end, there was bound to be plenty of discussion regarding ‘The Best…. Of The 2010s’.

Naturally, NRL line-ups was a popular topic, and NRL news website ZeroTackle jumped on the bandwagon, releasing a Team Of The Decade for every NRL side.

Now keep in mind, Jamie Soward was the Dragons’ Premiership winning halfback during this decade, and played for NSW in 2011. So surely he would be everyone’s pick for St. George halfback of the 2010s, right. WRONG.

ZeroTackle believe Josh McCrone who played 28 games between 2016-2017, was actually the best halfback to wear the famous Red V in the 2010s.