• Will Cashmore

The Set Of Six: Mediocre NRL Players – South Sydney Rabbitohs

Yes the season officially ended last night, but Rugby League never sleeps and neither does the SET OF SIX. So without further ado…


These words are like gospel in the Australian Rugby League bible, and for good reason. Love them or hate them, the Bunnies is the games’ most tenured and successful team.

This is remarkable considering their entire fan base combines for approximately one full set of teeth. LOL Toothless Souths supporters.

Ok, enough with the silly stereotypes let’s get on with the mediocrity, because there’s been plenty to wear the red and green.

Here is the Russell Crowe United…whoops I mean South Sydney Rabbitohs SET OF SIX.

Dylan Farrell (2010-2013) – 70 Games, 31 Tries

Does a debut get any better than Dylan Farrell’s? It’s probably top 5 of the NRL era in my humble and most definitely valid opinion.

19 year-old centre Dylan Farrell, was a late inclusion for the Bunnies in their Round 22, 2010 fixture against the Wests Tigers. What came next after not 80 BUT 90 minutes of heart stopping action, defied even the most ludicrous of theatre scripts.

The young fella scored three tries on debut, that’s right a HAT-TRICK. Let’s revisit his match-winning third shall we.

In the final play of Golden Point, Rhys Wesser ran 50 metres, breaking every tackle that came his way, before flinging it to fellow mediocre Rabbitoh Shaune Corrigan, who then put Farrell over in the corner for the famous last gasp win. Truly unbelievable stuff. As a 10 year Tigers fan old watching at home, I was both gobsmacked and heartbroken.

He managed 90 games in his NRL career, first at Souths and then at St George, but no one remembers his final 89. Farrell peaked hard early.

Mark Nicholls (2018-) – 51 Games, 5 Tries

When you’re searching for a current mediocre Bunny, it doesn’t get any more obvious than Mark Nicholls.

I remember watching a Souths game with one of my good mates, and after repeated penalties on their goal-line, commentators feared someone would be off to the Sin-Bin. To this my mate reacted with a big hearty “NOOOOOOOOOOO”.

Then, he realised the player in question was Mark Nicholls, to which he proceeded to encourage the referee to indeed send big Mark for 10. He pleaded with the television, whilst I laughed.

That’s Mark Nicholls to a tee really.

You’d rather play with 12. You just would wouldn’t you.

My experiences with Mark Nicholls are a bit friendlier. He was one of my favourite players to use when I played Toyota Cup mode on Rugby League Live 3 on my WII console.

So that’s something.

Daryl Millard (2015) – 4 Games

This mate of mine, he shall remain nameless because he couldn’t put up with all the Paparazzi attention I have experienced since beginning my SOS chronicles, features quite heavily again in why I picked Daryl Millard.

Anyways, not long ago my mate and I were reminiscing about THAT Good Friday bloodbath between Souths and Canterbury. You know the one where the referees were assaulted by flying water bottles after the game. Good times. Mid discussion, my mate posed a trivia question at me: who were the centres for Souths in that game? “You won’t get one of them” he said. “Hold my beer” I said.

After about 45 torturous minutes, I relented and gave up. It was the one and only Daryl Millard.

Yep, Daryl with a Y and one L played for Souths in 2015. You wouldn’t have got it either SHUT UP.

To stump me with a Rugby League Trivia brain buster, is a true sign of NRL mediocrity.

Beau Champion (2005-2010, 2013-2014) – 80 Games, 38 Tries, 5 Goals

Beau Champion always had a safe place in my heart. He was mediocre, but played hard as a brooding centre for a few different clubs. Beau was a lock for this SET OF SIX from the moment I sat down to write. Then I had a closer look at his career, and there was one particular moment which many fans forget.

This might make you laugh, or cry.

Beau Champion is cousins with NRL icon Greg Inglis, and played a crucial hand in bringing him to Souths from Melbourne in 2011.

Imagine the glee and thrill for Beau. He and Cuzz would be the Rabbitohs centre pairing for years to come.

“F**K That” said Souths owner Russell Crowe.

It was Champion who was pissed off out the door to make way for Inglis, and in an ironic twist of fate, Beau replaced Greg in the Storm centres.

2010 Christmas Day in the Inglis-Champion household must have been a very quiet holiday.

Joe Burgess (2016) – 9 Games, 5 Tries

You can’t have a South Sydney Rabbitohs list, and not feature a Burgess. There are just too many of them to go around.

Joe Burgess has no relation to the famous Burgess Boys of South Sydney, but it still counts in my books and those are the only books that matter.

I’ve ridiculed a few dodgy English imports in these lists, and there are more to come, but Smokin Joe Burgess wasn’t one of them. In fact, he was quite good, and it was a shame he only stayed down under for one season.

The young winger had speed to burn, wicked footwork, and was a try-scoring weapon both before and after his NRL stint, when playing for Wigan. 100 tries in 109 games makes for a fairly handy strike rate.

Come back Joe, PLEASE do come back to the NRL.

Did You Know: Joe Burgess played for both Souths and the Roosters in his lone NRL year of 2016? Not a bad way to get an insight into the Souths-Easts rivalry.

Andrew Everingham (2012-2013) – 40 Games, 21 Tries

Boom rookie winger Andrew Everingham had