• Will Cashmore

The Set of Six: Mediocre NRL Players – Manly Sea Eagles

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Manly are like that family member you wished didn’t RSVP for your daughter’s wedding, because they are just a nuisance.

You’re not a true NRL fan if you don’t hate Manly, unless you actually follow the Silvertails.


Well there is the maligned history of poaching players in the 80s, not to mention the catastrophic Northern Eagles merger that the killed North Sydney Bears dead. Then more recently, certain club captains (here’s looking at you Daly) caused strip club fisty cuffs with teammates. Simply put, Manly are the worst.

These following players suffered more than most for their mediocrity, because since they wore a Manly jersey, we actually wanted to see them fail.

Poor blokes.

DISCLAIMER: this SET OF SIX exclusively features halves or hookers. Enjoy!

Kane Elegy (2019) – 12 Games

Despite what I’ve said about Manly, it is never nice to watch a player lose passion for the game.

Unfortunately for Kane Elegy, repeated ill-timed injuries led to his premature retirement.

Elegy was a star on the rise prior to his 2015 debut at the Gold Coast Titans (he was marginally close to missing out on a spot in their SET OF SIX), even winning the 2014 NYC Player of the Year. This despite the halfback’s side finishing 15th that year. Cleary, he was primed for big things.

But as so often happens to young players, injury after serious injury befell him and he fell out of favour. Not much changed once he reached Manly, and he gave the game away at the end of last season.

On his retirement, Elegy wrote on Instagram: “I just know deep down I don't love it like I used to and when you lose that it's very hard to keep doing it at a high level".

This one hurt to write.

Jack Littlejohn (2014) – 5 Games, 1 Field Goal

Naturally, Jack Littlejohn reminds me of the Robin Hood character, and not from the Russell Crowe movie. I’m talking about the big cuddly bear version from the quaint Disney version. Littlejohn is just such a cute name.

I got a closer look at Littlejohn compared to any other player on this list, because he was picked up by my Tigers after a measly 5 game stint at Manly in 2014. He wasn’t much chop then, and he isn’t much chop now. Even the English Super League cut him after one season.

Littlejohn only hit the scoreboard once in his Manly career, and that was a field goal against the Storm. Interestingly, it was prior to half-time, a game that Manly lead at the break with a unique score line of 5-4. The game finished 22-19 with Melbourne coming out victorious.

Should have gone for the try Jacky boy.

Tom Wright (2018) – 5 Games

Tom Wright arrived on the scene in the NRL with huge wraps on him. As a Rugby Union prodigy growing up, educated at the famous St Josephs College in Hunters Hill, Manly’s acquisition of the young star was seemingly a huge coup for Rugby League.

Then Tom took to the field, and Manly fans just started crying.

Legend has it that at the same exact moment when Wright committed his first knock-on at Brookvale Oval, a very loud and very stinky fart could be heard coming out of the Men’s toilets.

Tom Wright’s NRL Career was the equivalent of a wet fart.

Lucky he was good at Union, because Tom is now doing swimmingly back in the 15 man code. He just won a Super Rugby AU Title with the ACT Brumbies, and finished the season as the teams joint top try scorer.

Liam Foran (2012) – 7 Games

In the annals of Rugby League history, there is a special place for those brothers where one is good, and the other was a spud. The likes of the Aubussons and Kimmorleys immediately come to mind.

However one pair that often flies under the radar, is that of Kieran Foran and older brother Liam.

Whilst Kieran became a Manly fan favourite, Liam had to grind away for the few chances he got in first grade. Classic case, Kieran got all the talent but Liam had to work for it.

Liam initially played 3 games at Melbourne in 2008, then spent 3 years in the abyss before receiving a chance to play for his brother’s club in 2012.

Ironically, his role was to replace an injured Kieran in the halves, but there was one game where the brothers’ lined up together in Manly’s 18-10 win over the Roosters in Round 11. Of course, Kieran started at Five-Eighth whilst Liam rode the pine, and I’m sure the young smartarse would of let his big bro know all about it as they fell asleep in their bunk beds.

Terrence Seu Seu (2010-2011) – 9 Games

Now this guy just scraps through with the criteria of 2011-onwards, since he played 5 very unmemorable games for Manly in their Premiership year of 2011.

He makes this list for one reason, and one reason only: the name.

How could it not be the name, Terrence Seu Seu is a name fit for a king.

Like the great Peter Peters before him, Seu Seu’s double name (there’s probably a proper term for it but Google wasn’t kind to me), provides him with a shining legacy.

Well it does in my eyes anyways.

Did You Know: Terence Seu Seu is the only player in NRL, NSWRL or QRL history that went by the first name of Terence, no matter how you spell it? Don’t believe me? Go to Rugby League Project to see for yourself.

Lachlan Croker (2018-) – 32 Games, 4 Tries

There is no player on Manly’s roster today that is more mediocre then Lachlan Croker, and that includes Brad Parker. In fact, there may not be a player on NRL contract at the time of writing that is more mediocre then Lachlan Croker.

How this bloke still gets a gig in first grade is beyond me, and many if not all Manly fans would wholeheartedly agree.

I guess I shouldn’t be too harsh on the bloke, since he has had to deal with plenty of injuries in his time, but goddam does he infuriate me.

I’m not a Manly fan, but every time I hear a commentator call his name my feet go cold, and I get a sharp tingling sensation down my spine.