The scrum that stopped a nation

Well, maybe not quite.

But did anyone see the last couple of minutes of the QLD Premier Rugby Minor Semi-Final on the weekend?


Let me set the scene.

Bond University 32 lead GPS 27.

GPS get a penalty 5m out, right in front and take the scrum.

If you want to watch it, just skip through to around 1:52:00.

Referee Damon Murphy awards a short arm penalty, to which GPS Number 8, Ratu Vio takes the quick tap and is held up.

So held up, another 5m scrum.

GPS dominate the next scrum, penalty advantage to them, they spin it wide right and score but are correctly adjudged to be in touch.

Back for another scrum, yet again, another dominant GPS scrum, another advantage is awarded, they spin it left and take a throw at the stumps, out in to touch again.

You following? Back to the scrum penalty.

Surely if Bond was to give away another penalty then Damon Murphy is looking toward a penalty try or at least a yellow card?

Hang on, what happens next…!?

The Bond scrum find something, the scrum screws, GPS under pressure and referee Murphy awards Bond a famous penalty.

Game over, GPS’s season over.

Bond, under the most significant and imposing of pressure from a dominant GPS scrum stood up and found something and referee Damon Murphy got the call right.

Bond, in their first finals campaign advance through to this week’s Preliminary final against Easts, a team they beat earlier this year.

What a famous victory for the Bull Sharks! If you didn't watch it, just do yourself a favour.



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