The QLD Reds are paying $13


What a Super Rugby AU final that was.


Still very hungover, think the departure time from the Caxton was around 3am on Sunday morning, maybe something a little later.

No doubt the QLD Reds boys woke this morning with some sore noggins and will be back on the sauce again today.

That said, they have to play over in NZ this weekend so perhaps the celebrations will be cut short and they'll be back on the training paddock before too long.

What about the stats on viewership.

464,000 people tuned in to the final, I think that was the peak figure.


Obviously an NRL final, State of Origin or AFL final get in excess of 2,000,000 but this is a start, it's a really good start.

Up considerably year-on-year and don't forget about the nearly 42,000 that got a long to the game and witnessed one of the greatest finishes in history.

Now it's time for the Trans-Tasman tournament.

No rest for the wicked.

I hopped on this morning to check out some odds, thinking the Reds would be a decent shot of knocking off some of the Kiwi teams.


Yep, I can't believe it.

I understand why, they have to play all 5 NZ teams and there's no Waratahs type clashes in any of that where you could roll out some club players and rest your big dogs, but $13.


So, I did what every responsible gambler would do and had an Avocado on that.

This Friday it's the Highlanders in Dunedin to kick things off, how good is a Friday afternoon game of rugby to end the working week?

I'll answer that, it's so good.

Given the boys will likely struggle to pass breath tests by then, you'd think that'll be a tough encounter against a rested Highlanders side.

But not ruling them out altogether.

Oh no.

They're too good and only getting better.

In a fortnight's time, the all conquering Crusaders come to Brisbane for a Saturday night belter @ Suncorp.

How many will they get to that? Based on what happened on Saturday night, you'd be forgiven for thinking 25,000 or more would be quite possible.

Probably more.

Go Reds.

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