The Poms having a cry for something new

Jeez the Poms love a whinge.

They're getting their arse handed to them by India in the second test match.

Stumps on Day 2 - India have a 249 run lead having bowled England out for just 134.

You'd think the Indians will get a lead of 400 + and then late in the day, they'll put the Poms back in and go to work.

Some of England's former heroes and full-time cry babies weren't happy with the state of the pitch.

First it was Michael Vaughan.

Shane Warne took him to task - pointing out the obvious fact that the conditions are the same for both teams.

Then Kevin Pietersen was in for a cry too.

Yes, the toss was an important one to win - there's no doubting that.

But how about point some of the blame towards the fact that the England batsman played some pretty average shots?

Let's hope that we've got COVID under control - that would make next Summer's Ashes series here in Australia farken brilliant.

You'd think maybe Jimmy Anderson's last series, the Aussies looking to bounce back after the loss to India on home soil and of course the fact it's the old rivalry, Australia Vs England.

Only about 8-9 months away & there's plenty of footy to get us through until then!

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