The next star

I'm a bit late to the party.

But I couldn't believe how good Reece Walsh was on the weekend.

I didn't realise he's only 18 either. Yes, 18.

I watched the Warriors & Cowboys on Sunday but the public holiday long weekend - in QLD at least - meant a few beverages on Sunday night and the blogging took a back seat.

My bad.

But seriously, how good is Reece Walsh.

The Broncos let another one go here.

His support play and his brilliance in the open field reminded me of a couple of people.

Anthony Milford.

Now, before you poo poo that thought, I am talking the Anthony Milford that ripped shit up in Canberra before shifting to Brisbane.

He was outstanding.

The other one is of course KP.

Kalyn Ponga.

Ponga might have a bit more brilliance and a bit more polish, but it's not a bad comparison for young Reece Walsh.

Crikey this kid is good.

Not only that but he always looked likely in attack, not just broken field play and he kicked for just under 500 metres.

There's things to tidy up but.

He's a small body and his defense may become an issue.

A couple of missed tackles on the weekend, teams will start sending a lot more traffic at him if this becomes a weakness.

Admittedly, he probably hasn't stopped growing yet.

When he got into open space he lacked some finishing power.

There was one dropped ball and another slip.

Perhaps we forgive him for the slip.

But we're knit picking, he's only 18!

He's already a dad too and I reckon in Reece Walsh the Warriors have unearthed a real star.

He'll continue to make a couple of mistakes, but you'll live with them and only he'll continue to get better.

But what they have right now is pretty freakin good.

What the hell are the Brisbane Broncos doing when it comes to recruitment and player retention - it's a sad state of affairs.

Reece Walsh is going to sell plenty of tickets, shitloads of them in fact.

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