The next Cowboys halfback

Updated: Mar 31

It might be a match made in heaven.

The Cowboys need a good halfback.

Michael Morgan is apparently not good at all, albeit they've said that chat of a medical retirement is all premature.

We'll see how that plays out.

There's two likely options for North Queensland.

Maybe 3.

Adam Reynolds wants a 3-year deal, the Rabbitohs don't seem to be keen on giving him one. Apparently the Cowboys big wigs are flying into Sydney to meet with Reynold's management this week.

The other one?

Tom Dearden.

The young Broncos half that somehow is stuck behind Brodie Croft and Anthony Milford.

Dearden has class, if he continues to sit on the sidelines in Brisbane, he'll naturally be wanting out and NQ might be a likely destination.

He might be the best long-term option for the Cowboys, they can call on a pretty good mentor to look after him.

You know that bloke, Thurston?

Or perhaps JT himself just gives us another year? Now that would be nice.

Cowboys play the Sharks this weekend @ the Sunshine Coast - I am not convinced the Sharks are that good this year, this might be a chance for the Cowboys to get their first win.

$2.90 is a pretty good price, I might take them with a 7.5 start @ $1.90.

They'll need a better effort than what they produced against the Titans, Josh McGuire was right, it was a pretty weak performance.

So you'd think it's Dearden or Reynolds, I'm leaning towards Dearden.

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