The Magpies social media team laid the smackdown

This warmed the heart a bit.

Yesterday wasn't a good day to be Chris Mitchell, or '@mtk1971' on Instagram.

Here's what happened.

The Pies put up a photo to the club's Instagram page which was in support of Collingwood's AFLW side.

Have a look below.

The caption clearly is encouraging the Magpie faithful to show their support for the girls side as they obviously don't get the same amount of attention as the men.

Well, poor old Chris Mitchell didn't see it that way and expressed his thoughts in the comments section, to which the Collingwood social media team responded in kind.

Now I am sure Chris is a nice bloke and not a flog, but that's just a flog comment.

For the record, Collingwood's response received plenty more 'likes' throughout the course of the day, the flog comment stayed idle at 10.

If I'm the Collingwood social media team, firstly I am loving the fact we put that bloke in his place, but secondly, I am walking into, actually no, I am marching into Eddie Maguire's office and asking for a pay rise.

I will never understand why people see the need to make comments such as the flog comment above, wouldn't you just scroll past it and move on?

That might be too easy.

Isn't the 'jog on' from the Collingwood guys such a power move as well.


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