The greatest show in tennis

Nick Kyrgios is box office.

Channel 9 and Australian Open organisers will have had a stiff drink last night after Krygios' miraculous 5 set combeack.

If you didn't watch his 2nd round match last night against Ugo Humbert - then let me give you a quick snap shot.

5 sets, broken racquets, saved match points, a broken piece of technology on the net & one very attractive chair umpire.

As Kyrgios said in his post-match press conference, Ugo Humbert is one heck of a player and had Kyrgios on the ropes in the 4th set.

But Nick rallied - pun intended.

Watching Kyrgios is a roller coaster - it's so freakin entertaining.

He's not everyone's cup of tea - he never will be.

But the crowd on John Cain Arena last night made it look like there was a full house and no doubt the TV ratings on last night's match were through the roof.

The tennis was good, but so too was the by-play between Krygios and the chair umpire when he got called for close to 100 lets on his serve.

Was it broken? No idea - but I was happy for the chair umpire, Serbian Marijana Veljokic, to be given plenty of air time.

Now it's Nick Kyrgios versus Dominic Thiem on Friday night - how about the ratings that that one will pull in.

Let's face it, Thiem will be very hard to beat - I am just hoping Nick can get through and continue on the path to the semi final showdown with the tool, Novak Djokovic.

Friday night on the couch, feet up, couple of beers and maybe a pizza off UberEats of course.

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