The free concert in Brisbane last night

QLD won the Sheffield Shield title yesterday on the back of Marnus Labuschagne's epic 192.

That bloke is ridiculous.

Close to the best long-form batsman in the world, if not the best.

I think that's pretty fair.

The boys are probably still on the drink, at around 7:30pm last night they really got into it.

They fired up the speakers @ Allan Border Field and turned the volume right up.

The playlist was red hot.

Shannon Noll, Adele, I think there was some Powderfinger.

Then they threw on Hunters and Collectors, the Holy Grail.

What a classic.

It was loud.

No doubt they got noise complaints, half of Brisbane could have heard the music pumping particularly across the northside.

The boys deserved it.

QLD's 9th Sheffield Shield title and the first time in 7 attempts that they've beaten NSW in the final.

Can you believe that? Maybe that's wrong, who knows.

NSW boasting Hazlewood, Starc & Lyon only got to bowl once, they're batting line up was fairly ordinary to say the least.

No doubt the celebrations will continue today for the Bulls, I think the Brekky Creek opens @ 10am, I'm sure the boys will be there to help take the stools down off the bar.

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