The Feed Podcast - Launching this Friday!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Well we've had a few false starts and we've taken our time to get the strategy right, but at long last, we'll be launching our voice content in the form of podcast this Friday.

We'll start small, it won't be the greatest production in the world, but it'll be the first of hopefully thousands of podcasts that get produced until the Inside Feed brand.

What can you expect to hear via The Feed Podcast?

Well, it'll be all sorts of things.

Prior to the weekend, we'll talk racing and perhaps look at a weekend sports multi. We'll chat about all things that are happening in sport and youth culture.

You'll probably get a laugh, we hope you do at least.

Our first 10-20 episodes will be voice only, we will then enhance the production and commence filming for YouTube and the website.

It's all going to happen pretty fast.

I've had a number of people hit me up to do some collaborating under the Inside Feed brand, that's great and I appreciate it.

Ultimately, we want quality, we want entertainment and we want a laugh. That's what we're after.

If you want to do something under our brand, send me an email ( and if you've got a sample of your work, let's hear it.

And yes, we'll be looking for sponsors - if you're a business owner and want to grow alongside us, let's chat!

It all kicks off this Friday!

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