The Feed Podcast - Episode 1

Our first podcast is now live!

And fuck we're pretty proud of it.

This'll get bigger and better, we will move into more podcasting a shitload of video content which is not far away.

But right now, we're pretty happy with what we've come up with!

We're going to have two separate shows, we might be getting ahead of ourselves!

The Feed Podcast will typically do a 'rundown' style format in which we will talk about the hot topics in sport, youth culture and just generally anything that's making headlines that we can pinch a laugh from.

The other one, will be the Inside Feed Punters Club Podcast, that'll be strictly reserved for talking about the weekend's horses and sporting selections.

It is essentially free financial advice!

If you haven't joined the Inside Feed Punters Club on Facebook, do it now!

For those who would prefer to watch our debut podcast, you can do it on YouTube, see below.

We've posted it with Buzzsprout and are waiting to be added to iTunes - that's pretty exciting as well.

I know there's four billion podcasts out there and that this is nothing new, but it's a big step for the direction of Inside Feed.

There's a heap of great talent out there that will be great for an Inside Feed podcast, so this now gives us the ability to go out and find that talent that will resonate with our audience!

Plenty more to come!

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