The Cheese a Tiger?

From all reports, Brandon Smith wants to be in QLD, but that doesn't seem likely until 2022 with the Titans and Broncos firmly on the radar with Smith's family residing in South East QLD.

So what happens in 2021?

According to most reports, two clubs are apparently fighting it out for the prized signature of Brandon Smith.

Canterbury & the West Tigers.

The Bulldogs do look a suitable fit for Smith, he fits their brand.

But perhaps a straight swap for Harry Grant might be happening with Brandon Smith?

That might make some sense - Smith signs on a 1-year deal before pursuing something closer to his family in 2022?

Michael Maguire has confirmed the Tigers' interest in Smith.

Maguire and Smith have of course had some time together at the Kiwis and Madge has spoken glowingly of Smith and how he plays the game.

The only curve ball in this might be the fact that the Storm are seemingly happy to offer up Smith for next year but they'd want to be fairly compensated - meaning the Tigers would have to offer up some players.

The good thing for Wests, they have a fair bit of cap space after some recent movements, Josh Reynolds to super league frees up around $800,000 in cap space - so they've got some money to spend next year and beyond.

Perhaps this is what happens, perhaps Brandon Smith goes to the Tigers in 2021, at the same time, Cameron Smith plays 1 year for the Broncos.

At the end of 2021, Cameron retires and joins the Broncos coaching staff alongside Kevvie Walters and perhaps they get Craig Bellamy up there as well to oversee the whole operation.

Then in 2022, Brandon goes to Brisbane and replaces Cameron who has recently retired, meaning the Cheese is closer to his family.

That all makes sense doesn't it.

Or perhaps, the Cheese loves Wests and stays there and makes a long-term commitment to a side that'll be pretty powerful in 2-3 years based on the talent they've got coming through.

Perhaps, but who really knows.

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