The Broncos will win tonight

Updated: May 3, 2021

I've said my prayers.

Sometimes in life, you've just got to stick you're neck out and have a crack.

Deep breath.

We've shown glimpses this year.

All the best efforts have been @ Suncorp Stadium, hopefully there's at least 25,000 or more in the house tonight.

Remember Round 1? I probably shouldn't mention it.

16-0 against Parramatta.

That's the end of that story.

Yes, it was then only the Bulldogs but we beat them.

Then the Panthers came to town and we were right in that contest until the last 10 minutes.

This week Kevvy has taken a punt on the Tyson Gamble, pun intended.

I don't know much about him, he looks like a pretty big body, perhaps in the mould of Jack Wighton that will carry the ball into contact a bit.

I hope he's as good as Wighton.

That'll leave the returning Milf to steer the ship in terms of game management and you'd think he'll assume much of the responsibility when it comes to kicking.

Big Tino is out for the Titans and so long as the Broncos can contain Dave Fifita, we're a chance, we're a real chance.

Easier said then done.

Outside of points scored, which admittedly is a fairly key statistic - we're pretty closely matched with the Titans.

They've got us by 12 in the past two meetings, they've both been down the M1 - I just get the feeling we're up for this tonight.

Who's with me on this?

Imagine if the Milf got man of the match in a Broncos win? They won't have enough beer in the Caxton car park for me.

I reckon Milf and Payne Haas are the two for us tonight to lead the way and we need a bit more out of Jamayne Isaako in attack - thanks captain obvious.

For those partial to a bet, $3.50 for the Broncos.

Just do it responsibly.

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