The Broncos are $3.50 to make the top 8

Righto, what do we reckon?

Launch in or save our money?

I know we're still a good 3 months away from the start of season 2021, but what do we think the Broncos are finals contenders or not?

Will Kevvie be the saviour?

To state the blatantly obvious, 2020 was a horror show, in fact it's likely the worst year the club has ever seen.

But will season 2021 be any better?

Jeez you'd bloody hope so!

They've started out by employing some old school training techniques.

The playing roster hasn't really changed a great deal, we've signed Dale Copley, make of that what you will and we have of course lost Dave Fifita to the Titans.

Darius Boyd retired, Jack Bird - blink and you'll miss him, the poor bloke - and Joe Ofahengaue are all gone as well.

The worst bit, Kotoni Staggs won't play the first half of the year.

We do however welcome back Andrew McCullough after his stint down in Newcastle, we said a week or so ago that he might be the captain of this Broncos squad if Kevvie decides to take it into a new direction after Alex Glenn did the job this year. You can read about that here.

The forward pack might have enough fire power with Payne Haas, Pangai Jr, Carrigan & co, my main areas of concern lies in the halves and a fairly young backline.

Friday night 12th March 2021, we play the stinking Eels. This could be close to the most anticipated match in the history of the club.

I am tipping we will beat Parramatta in Round 1.

But will we make the Top 8 and play some finals footy - it's going to be tough.

I'd love to hear what you think.

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