The Brisbane Lions are paying how much to make the Top 4?

$2 to make the Top 4 - seems a good bet doesn't?

They didn't kick it that straight in 2020 and still were there at the end of the business end the season.

You reckon Chris Fagan is getting his boys to work on some set shots in the off-season!?

2020 was a strange one wasn't it.

The Lions benefited from the draw, playing plenty of games @ the fortress home ground, the Gabba.

That advantage will be somewhat diminished in 2021.

But all things being equal, it seems as though the Brisbane Lions in 2021 have lost nothing and gained plenty.

This is a side that beat one of the great modern sides in week 1 of the finals and then stumbled against the Cats that played an A+ game of footy.

That was of course the grand final quinella, Tigers & Cats.

The Lions forward line will be incredibly hard to defend in 2021, Hipwood, Cameron, McCarthy, Rayner and of course their new signing, Joe Daniher.

Scary good!

Across the group, they're still fairly young, they're consistent and they're healthy.

The Lions have of course finished second in the past two seasons, narrowly missing the minor premiership in 2019.

Everything you see and hear about Chris Fagan is positive. He is seemingly a wonderful mentor for this group and I love the fact he wears his heart on his sleeve - it makes for nice entertainment if nothing else!

Every time I call my Mum, all she wants to talk about is the mighty Brisbane Lions, gone are the days of the Broncos chat from her - she's firmly on the Lions bandwagon, in fact she has been since the days of Voss, Akermanis, Lynch, Lappin, Black & co.

$2 for the Lions to make the Top 4 in 2021 - am I missing something?

The only problem I see with this bet is that we won't see our money for 9 months or so - it's not great for the cash flow!

Go Lions!

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