The best kind of golf

For me, it doesn't get any better than this.

Each year, 3 mates & I tee it up a few days before Christmas @ Pacific Harbour Golf Course on Queensland's beautiful Bribie Island.

For those who haven't played @ Pacific Harbour. It's pretty tough.

We've done this for probably the best part of 10 years. This year we're looking like we might even play across 2 days - that's how much we enjoy it!

I'll give you a bit of a run down on how it all happens.

We meet at around 11am and do our normal warm up. Depending on the conditions on the day, that could be 2-3 beers, we factor in things like humidity, wind, etc.

We load the carts up with our clubs and beers, normally a carton for the front 9 and we'll replenish as we turn on to the 10th.

Normally we're into mid-strength beers to try and keep it somewhat civil. This year however, I think I'll be into the Fat Pixie ginger beers!

Tee off is normally around lunchtime, the first hole @ Pacific Harbour is a Par 5, straight as an arrow but lined with water, bunkers & out of bounds, normally we're all in for anything between 6-8, so in the bogey to triple bogey sort of range. Not bad for the first hole!

We play in pairs - match play of course so we can allow for blow outs - and we like to gamble.

As we navigate our way down through the front 9, the golf is okay and the banter builds, there's still some hope, for a couple of us at least, that we might break 80/85. Those hopes fade - like most our shots - by about the 7th, the tough Par 3 over the water when we almost always donate 4 balls into the pond.

By the turn, we load the cart up again with beers - and sometimes golf balls - and we head down the 10th.

On the back 9, the golf really deteriorates, the banter picks up and we have a good old laugh. No one leaves the course without losing at least a dozen golf balls.

By the 18th, you could imagine that we're feeling pretty festive and fairly well lubricated!

The team competition is hot, the individual scores quite often become redundant - mainly because we don't want to see them.

Afterwards, the beers flow - the losers normally shout those - and the laughs continue.

I am convinced that is the best fun that 4 mates can have together, a game of golf on a quality course a couple of days out from Christmas with a thousand beers and a sh!tload of laughs!

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