The best jockey in Australia

Jamie Kah.

Without a doubt.

Yesterday it was 3 more winners and a further 3 placings.

Kah has had 82 winners this season and is leading Damian Lane in the Victorian Jockey Premiership by 9.

She is striking @ 20.40%, meaning just about every 5th ride - she wins.

Pretty farken good.

1 of those wins yesterday was the big one - the Group 1 Black Caviar Lightning Stakes on board the enigma, Nature Strip.

The horses are just running for her, she's got an incredible ability to nurse them for as long as possible and get the most out of them.

Her timing is impeccable.

Of course there's others.

J-Mac and Hughie in Sydney, Michael Rodd is really starting to make some headway up in QLD and of course, the wizard of the west - the bloke you need @ around 7pm every Saturday night to pull you out of some strife - William Pike.

But Kah has gone to a new level, yes, she's getting the right rides - those things go hand-in-hand but she's deserving of them - there's no doubt about that.

For those wondering, Jamie is not riding today - presume she'll be back in the saddle on Wednesday.

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