The best golf course in South-East Queensland?

Alright, let's do this.

I am on a mission to find the very best golf course in South-East Queensland.

Define 'best course' you ask?

Well it's a number of things, obviously the condition of the course itself is important, but so to is the cost, speed of play, the people, the pro shop staff, the bar staff, what beers they have on tap, etc.

For me, it's the whole experience.

For those of you who are not regular visitors to Inside Feed, or perhaps it's your first time.


I think I am honing in on my 10th golf course review, I even slipped up to Hamilton Island and got a game in there recently - what an unbelievable track it is!

You can read about where I have got to so far at the link here.

But where should I be trying next?

Right now, my favourite which I keep going back to just about every week is Keperra Country Club. The course is in tip top shape, the people and the staff are great, late in the afternoon it is a wonderful place and the closing holes heading back toward the clubhouse are beautiful.

It is a really cool place - a hidden gem if you will!

Keperra is very affordable as well, I think it is $50 for your game and a cart - there's no way I am walking.

I'll be making sure I get a game in before Christmas again @ Pacific Harbour on Bribie Island as well. I've probably played there 50 times I reckon, think I might have broken 85 once or twice.

And before you laugh, I am no hack, well I am a semi hacker, but the Pacific Harbour track is pretty tough, don't get me wrong, it is beautiful, but it is pretty tough.

So where to next?

There's a couple down the Gold Coast I have played before but it would have been a few years ago that might be worth a try, and I know there's definitely some on the Sunshine Coast that I need to see again.

Lakelands, Twin Waters, Caloundra, I've played them all, but not for some time.

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