The Beard is flat out ballin

It'll be a Lakers & Nets final this year right?

What teams can upset that?

Perhaps the 76'ers or Bucks in the Easts and maybe it's the Clippers the biggest challenger to the Lakers in the West, albeit the Jazz are playing good ball at the moment.

Outside of that, that's probably it, maybe the Nuggets will come good and make it to a Conference Final again.

If the Nets get their big three 3 on the court, then surely they have too many pieces.

The fact that they've got a fair few injuries at the moment is giving their inexperienced crew more exposure - not necessarily a bad thing.

But James Harden is seriously cooking at the moment.

Today against the Spurs in the Nets overtime victory, Harden dropped 30, 14 & 15.


Across this season, Harden is averaging 25.2 points per game, 7.5 rebounds and 10.9 assists.

That obviously combines a bit of time in Houston with his output in Brooklyn.

When he's distributing the ball the way he is, the Nets are outstanding. In fact, they are near on unbeatable.

If he drives to bucket he can score or kick it out, when he kicks out, he's hitting either Kyrie, KD or Joe Harris.

If teams sit back off him in either scenario, he and Kyrie are throwing lobs to DeAndre Jordan for the throw down alley-oop.

It's pretty to watch, those having same game multis can comfortably throw in Harden grabbing a fairly ridiculous stat line, albeit the value is just about gone.

Nets & Lakers in the NBA finals, if there's some crowds there, it will be an almighty spectacle.

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