The Australian Selectors have already got it wrong…

Australia’s XI remains unconfirmed for the beginning of tomorrow’s first test, yet they’ve already made an obvious mistake.

The makeup of the batting line-up remains somewhat of a mystery, largely thanks to the complete lack of competent, in-form opening batsman. So much so that it has me contemplating a return from retirement, reminiscing of a glorious 89 made opening for Tassie in the under 17 national championships some seven years ago.

But what if I told you there was an option sitting right under the selector’s noses?

An average of 96.8 in seven test innings opening the batting…

An average of 53.63 in 20 innings opening the batting in ODI cricket…

An average of 56.5 in the Sheffield Shield thus far this season…

How Usman Khawaja hasn’t been discussed more for the opening role is beyond preposterous. He should, at the very least, been given an opportunity in one of the two three-day warm up games.

At 33, Khawaja doesn’t represent the future, nor does the 37-year-old Shaun Marsh who’s also been in public calculations.

But isn’t the whole point to try and pick the best team to win each specific test match? Or the series? If that’s true, which it should be, one of these two simply should be in the team.

The argument against them is that they’ve had plenty of opportunities before and failed. Khawaja’s test average of nearly 53 in Australia isn’t a failure, nor is Marsh’s of just above 40. Their failures away from home are simply inconsequential for this match and this series.

Khawaja’s days as a test match batsman (and Marsh’s) are seemingly over, if he’s not selected in this squad then he never will be. A decent but unfulfilled career for such a talented and eye-pleasing player.

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