Thank you India

That's what Joe Burns will be saying!

Holy shit!

What about the cricket.

India bowled out for 36 - what an ordinary performance.

Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins absolutely destroyed them. Mayank Agarwal top scored with a stunning 9.

In reply, India effectively saved Joe Burns' test career.

He got whacked on the elbow and still soldiered on! If I hit the funny bone in my elbow or anything, I'm out for a good half hour.

Burns wrapped it up and continued on batting, he was obviously hurting, he couldn't even grip the bat, but he knew he needed to be there at the finish to save his career.

Burns' 50 almost certainly saves his position in the side for the Boxing Day Test.

Where to now for India?

Virat Kohli heads home to be at the birth of his first child and you'd think Mohammed Shami will be missing as well after Pat Cummins got him with a beauty.

Broken arm for him you'd think?

It really doesn't set the Boxing Day Test up very well, does it.

India bowled out for 36, they lose their skipper and arguably the world's best batsman and you're trying to sell tickets to the Boxing Day Test.

Cricket Australia won't be pleased.

Regardless, credit where credit is due to Joe Burns.

Anything short of what he did in the second innings yesterday and he's likely on the beers Christmas Day and out of the Australian side.

Now he might get the opportunity to rekindle his bromance with his mate David Warner, presuming he's fit.

Australia are $1.44 to win the next test, the only thing that'll stop them is rain and lot's of it.

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