Tennis' best commentator

Day 1 of the Aussie Open is in the books.

The highlight? Well it was Nick Kyrgios - of course it was.

His tennis was good - a straight sets win over Frederico Ferreira Silva.

Todd Woodbridge, Jim Courier & Lleyton Hewitt called that match, but they had a fourth commentator that perhaps provided the best insight.

That was Nick Kyrgios himself and it was pretty entertaining.

As Jim Courier pointed out at one point, watching a Nick Kyrgios match is like being on a roller coaster, plenty of ups and downs - it's all over the shop.

When he's down, no one is safe.

Last night he sprayed his own box - suggesting that one particular member should leave.

Cop that.

Like when the cricketers are mic'd up, it often provides amazing insight.

Krygios' really told us how he was feeling and there were more swear words than what you see from the late great Kerry Packer!

So much so that Packer's former baby, the Nine Network, seemingly turned down the on-court microphone just a smidge to avoid presumably a barrage of complaints.

Never a dull moment with Nick Krygios - there's no doubt that when he plays - the crowds follow.

He might be in the naughty corner pretty regularly and whilst that'd provide some headaches for organisers, he'd also be a fair chunk of their marketing taken care of you'd think.

Put simply, when Nick plays - people watch.

Can he win it all?

As a passionate and somewhat biased Aussie - I say yes. But reality suggests that it'll be a pretty tough road.

If results go the way perhaps we think they might, Krygios would have to play third seed Dominic Thiem in Round 3, if he got through that, then he'd be on a collision course with the bloke we know as Novak Djokovic, often referred to by Nick Krygios as the Tool.

I for one will be praying for a Tool Vs Krygios semi-final - wouldn't that be box office stuff!

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