Surely it's a done deal


How long are we going to have to wait!?

Our sources @ Inside Feed gave us word today that Smithy to the Titans was a done deal.

Sadly, we have no real credible sources.

But if it wasn't happening, you would think that Cameron Smith would just come out and put an end to all the speculation.

Am I right?

He's living on the coast, he's practising, the Titans have a spare spot on their roster.

I have watched my fair share of NCIS and this script would be thrown out because it's just so blatantly obvious to the viewer as to what's happening.

Unless there's some ridiculous twist.

Maybe that's it.

Perhaps Smithy is playing for the Gold Coast Suns, maybe he's taking up golf like the other Cameron Smith or maybe he's just waiting for a LeBron James style announcement offer so he can cash in on the 'decision'.

I am stoked because as some of you may already know, I've already backed the Titans for the Top 4 & Top 8.

If Smithy joins, not only will they shorten, but you'd also think there a pretty bloody good bet for both.

There's just over 3 weeks until the season starts, unless they make an announcement soon, Cameron Smith may run out against the Warriors in the mascot's suit and do a big unveil that way.

Let's get it done guys!

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