Super Rugby Week 1 Wash Up

Alright, round 1 of Super Rugby is in the books.

What did we learn?

Well, the Reds are pretty farken good.

We thought that before the demolition of NSW on Friday night, I tipped them by 16, they did it by 34.


41-7, that was a bit nasty wasn't it.

If you're a Waratahs fan? Fuck I feel for you, it could be a very loooooooooooonnnnngggg year.

The other game, well I thought the Force might put up a bit more of a fight against the Brumbies. Plenty of opportunities in the second half but the boys from Perth just couldn't capitalise, crucial errors at really bad times.

They'll be better for it, I don't think they'll be the whipping boys of the competition by any stretch of the imagination.

Perhaps I underestimated the Brumbies and the strength of their pack - it's pretty farken solid. Tom Banks too @ fullback is good, as is Noah Lolesio in the #10 jersey.

This caught my attention yesterday, the young marketing intern @ Rugby HQ obviously got asked to put together the Team of the Week.

A few things, firstly, there shouldn't be any Waratahs players in there.

Zero. Cero. Null.

If you want to squeeze one in there just so the Waratahs fans don't get their knickers in a knot, for the love of God, don't put them in the #7 jersey.

If Fraser McReight wasn't the best player across both games on the weekend then I'll eat my hat.

Angus Blyth, Angus Scott-Young, Harry Wilson, Hunter Paisami, Jock Campbell - they can all feel a little bit hard done by as well.

There's probably a few more Brumbies that could be in there, but for the most part, it really should have just been QLD Reds players 1-15.

The Stan Sport coverage?

It was okay - not great.

Roz Kelly struggled in the post game interviews but otherwise I did miss Greg Clarke's & Greg Martin's dulcet tones, I didn't miss Phil Kearns.

This weekend the New Zealand conference is back on, Highlanders vs Crusaders to kick things off on Friday night.

As far as the Australian conference is concerned, the Reds get another Friday night home game against the Rebels, then it's the Brumbies vs Waratahs on Saturday night.

Without looking too closely at it, it looks like a Reds & Brumbies multi, won't pay much but.

We'll have our full preview later in the week.

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