Super Rugby Au - Suggested Bets

Alrighty then.

It's the big one.

Reds vs Brumbies.

What will they get, 45,000 perhaps? Unreal.

I've got a bit of a theory.

The Brumbies start well but then they've seemed to have developed an illness in which they can't finish games off as well as they started them.

I call it, shit-the-bed-itis.

Look at the two games against the Reds for instance, in fact the last 3 times they played.

Around the 20 minute mark, the Brumbies have led by double digit margins, that includes the Super Rugby Au final of 2020 in which they of course held on.

But this year, they've fired out of the blocks like Usain Bolt and then weakened.

You don't think the first 20 minutes will be a key emphasis for the Reds this weekend?


They'll be coming at them hard, the first 20 minutes will be physical.

The big name missing across both teams is Hunter Paisami, he's outstanding, obviously.

The Reds have to fill that void.

Who wins it for the Reds?

The game breakers are in jerseys 7, 8 & 10 you'd think.

McReight, Wilson and JOC.

The Reds bench too is outstanding, Liam Wright and Filipo Daugunu - you kidding me? Two Wallabies sitting bench.

Solid back up.

What about the Brumbies?

I like Noah Lolesio but to be fair, his form in the past few weeks might have tapered off.

Like always, the Brumbies will rely heavily on their set piece, their driving maul and the forwards being able to set a platform for Nic White to go to work and bring Tom Banks into the game from 15.

Oh jesus I can't wait for this.

Now, if you're having a punt - make sure you're doing it responsibly you silly bastards.

But we've tipped at something like 95.7% this season in Super Rugby. I completely made up that stat but it is a very high percentage nonetheless.

Here's what I'll be having this weekend.

First try: Tom Wright

Man of the match: Fraser McReight

Sounds about right.

Who wins?

Drum roll please.

I think the Reds reverse the result from Super Rugby Au 2020.

Brumbies might do that thing where they lead early again, then shit-the-bed-itis might kick in and the Reds come steaming home over the top.

Don't think there will be too many points in it actually, think both sides will be ready defensively.


Reds 22 - Brumbies 16.

Enjoy your Super Rugby Au final!

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