Stocked & Loaded

I know what you're thinking.

I will never utter the words 'stocked' or 'loaded' ever again if this doesn't win today.

It's been a tough old week, Australia Day racing was a shit show and yesterday we had a multi, just a conservative 2-leg multi.

First leg on the NBA of course won and the second leg was our best in the horses for the day which lost by a pimple.

Anyways, we'll get it back & more.

Eagle Farm Race 4 today, Stocked and Loaded - $3.10

I knew it wasn't suited at Ipswich last start but because I am a farken idiot, I still backed it. It ran home okay, it certainly wasn't anything to write home about.

Robbie Fradd jumps on today and it gets the wide open spaces of Eagle Farm.

I mean, surely to goodness.

I am going to head out to Eagle Farm just to make sure that Robbie knows what he should do on this thing, just go back, put him to sleep and start your run about the 600m mark.

Having never ridden or horse, obviously due to weight issues, I couldn't be more confident about how it should be done.

For those playing along at home, the race runs @ 3:35pm Brisbane time, 4:35pm if you're in NSW or VIC - if you're anywhere else, you'll just have to do the math.

Stocked and Loaded, come on mate, you can do it.

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