Stan didn't employ Phil Kearns - how people reacted

Appreciation post.

Stan is my new favourite channel.

I am sure everyone saw it, they announced their commentary team yesterday for the upcoming Super Rugby season.

I quite like, some familiar faces that have comes across from the FoxSports squad minus a couple that didn't make the cut.

Phil Kearns is one.

We get it Phil, every time the Waratahs play, the referee is against them and they're dominant at scrum time.

I've watched hundreds of Waratahs games and it's always the same.

I'm sure Phil Kearns is a lovely bloke, but crikey his commentary is shit.

That won't be breaking news to anyone.

Social media handled it well.

Super Rugby is back in 2 weeks tomorrow. Reds vs Waratahs @ Suncorp Stadium - it'll be an absolute belter that the Reds will win by about 20.

Bring it on.

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