St Lucia Golf Links - Course Review

Updated: Aug 4, 2020


I got the opportunity to play St Lucia Golf Links earlier this month, we snuck 18 holes in on a Sunday morning and then enjoyed a couple of frothies afterwards. They’ve also added a Putt-Putt course there since I last played, looks like a lot of fun for the kids or anyone on a hot date.

Let’s look at the St Lucia course, it is a typical inner city sort of track, fairly short and provides long hitters with plenty of opportunities to get at the pins with a wedge or short iron in hand. The greens are quite narrow I found, you have to be pretty precise with your approach shots or you’ll be finding a green-side bunker or rolling off into some fairly thick rough.

That said, there are some great scoring opportunities, I managed to birdie the 10th & 13th hole, both reasonably short Par 4’s, I put my ball in great position off the tee and put my approach to 6-8 feet. Golf is so simple when you can do that. The Par 3’s on the course are fairly gettable, perhaps the 17th Hole which is a 170m hole lined by housing is the toughest of the lot.

The course condition probably only just gets a pass mark to be fair. First green played more like a bunker, not sure whether it had been recently cored or not but it wasn’t rolling well at all. I had an awkward 6-footer for my bogey on the first, I think I hit a decent putt but the ball put the left blinker on after hitting some form of rock or sand and sharply dived beneath the hole. Double bogey start for me!

The course is fairly forgiving, I think only one pulled drive off the 4th tee was the only ball I lost for the round. I did hit it quite well, but if you’re not straight, you’re normally able to find your ball. In that regard, it is a good course for the new or really amateur golfer.

Unlike other courses, St Lucia appears to be very much open to the public during the COVID period. Plenty of fairway divots, plenty of broken tees, it seemed to have copped a lot of traffic when I was there and you could tell it needed a break.

So I wouldn’t drive any longer than 20 minutes to play a round of golf at St Lucia, but I’d certainly go for an afternoon (into early evening!) on the beers. What a wonderful spot, bar staff were great, the design and feel of the area is stunning, you get a nice birds eye view of the golf course, I’ll be heading back there to settle in for a couple of hours. If I were rating it on it’s own, it would be getting high 8’s.


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