Sports stars that rule TikTok

The COVID pandemic has led to me spending countless hours flicking through my phone, with much of it dedicated to TikTok. It's a good a laugh and through a few months of isolation, it's been a great source of entertainment. There's been plenty of Australia's and indeed the world's brightest sporting stars gravitating to the platform and keeping their adoring fans entertained, some of them have done it well, others, not so much.

Let's take a moment to look the sports star who are ruling the TikTok jungle, whether you like their content or not!

1. Kalyn Ponga

What can’t he do? The man has got style, not only is he carving up on the field but Ponga has attracted millions of views on his TikTok videos. For his slick dance moves, Kalyn takes the #1 spot.

2. Nathan Cleary

#tiktokgate! Who could forget Nathan Clearly’s famous TikTok on Anzac Day? Breaking social distancing laws and putting the NRL’s early return in jeopardy. He wins the award for most expensive TikTok – costing the NSW origin star $30,000 and a two game match suspension. Sadly, it appears he has deleted his account so we had to settle for a photo.

3. David Warner

WARNING: Cringeworthy.

Make it stop! Warner seems to have signed a deal with TikTok which orders him to produce at least 1 shithouse video each day, as if this bloke wasn't already hard enough to like? I get it, their cute videos mostly with his wife and kids but they are just so hard to watch. Please David, please stop.

4. Glenn Maxwell

On the flip side, the Big Show, Glenn Maxwell is proving to be 'Mr Impersonator'. Maxwell has been providing plenty of laughs with his genius impressions - keep them coming Maxi!

5. Shane Warne

The King of Spin has attracted over 16k followers in just under a month of being on TikTok. The 50-year old has started his own trend of #cricketdancemoves and whilst their not great and very 'dad-like', I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. Love you Warney!

6. Malakai Watene-Zelezniak

The Penrith Panthers star has attracted over 25k followers with his daily posting habits! Don’t know how he has managed to train with this full time TikTok gig. Very entertaining - love it!

7. Trae Young

#inhousechallenge. The NBA star has taken off on TikTok, starting the #inhousechallenge on twitter which sees trick shots been done around the world. Not only is he one of the brightest stars in the league but Trae has become a social media giant with his slick moves.

8. Quade Cooper

Mr Trick Shot! How do you even do that Quade? The former Wallabies and Reds superstar has been showing followers some trick shows with an American football, being featured on Bleacher Report and ESPN in the process. The bloke is looking fit too, get him back in the Wallaby gold!

There you go, there's some good and not so good stars you can follow. But who I have missed? I genuinely want to know, I have a lot of time on my hands and I want to be entertained - please let me know!


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