Something to smile about

Well it was a tough old watch on Friday for Bulldogs fans.

To be fair, we thought it might be.

But there was a ray of hope, there was something to smile about which Bulldogs fans can think about when they're putting their head on the pillow each night.

His name?

Jack Hetherington.

The big tough 23-year old prop.

He was good.

Real good.

169 run metres including 76 of those being post contact metres from his 16 runs.

They're not mind blowing stats, but in every contest, it just seemed like Hetherington was willing to fight for every inch, he loved the competition.

2 offloads as well as 27 tackles.

It was a good shift for just 57 minutes of action and unfortunately, a lot of that time spent standing behind the try line waiting for an Adam Reynolds conversion.

Jeez you gotta feel for poor old Trent Barrett.

But on a positive, they've unearthed something good here Canterbury, they obviously just need some extra pieces of the puzzle that match both Hetherington's effort and skill.

Oh yeah, the other thing, Canterbury have the Storm next weekend.


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