Someone's Mum woke up with a hangover

How about this lovely lady?

Fair dinkum.

Rafael Nadal was cruising through his second round match last night and this lady interrupted the match by heckling Nadal and flipping him the bird.

Rafa was asked about it in his post match interview with John Fitzgerald and laughed it off in typical Rafa style.

Imagine if that was your Mum? Holey dooley.

She would have a sore head this morning you would think, but on the flip side - pun intended - she's had worldwide exposure and surely the endorsement deals from alcohol companies will start rolling through the door.

This is just a bit of fun and well handled by Nadal - there should be more drunk people doing stupid things at sporting events, let's face it, that match wasn't the most entertaining.

Ps - Nick Kyrgios plays tonight, I'm pretty bloody excited!

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