Some things just never change

Updated: Mar 12

They're just too good.

Cameron Smith & Billy Slater got a statue during the week.

There was talk that Cooper Cronk should get one as well, I agree with that.

But how about a statue, or perhaps a stand or maybe a whole freakin' stadium to honour the services of Craig Bellamy?

Don't want to get too carried away, it's only Round 1 - but the Melbourne Storm are just too bloody good.

What about that first 20 minutes or so?

They were racing the clock in terms of points scored.

Munster & Papenhuyzen outstanding and they get to throw in Harry Grant into that side at some point and in some capacity.

For the NBA fans amongst us, arguably the greatest NBA coach of all-time is a bloke by the name of Gregg Popovich.

He's won 5 NBA Championships and has a great ability to bring players into his system and get the best out of them.

Gregg Popovich has built a dynasty in San Antonio.

That's exactly what Craig Bellamy has done in Melbourne.

Sorry, sorry, sorry - we weren't getting ahead of ourselves.

But seriously, Cooper Cronk leaves and they don't miss a beat.

Then the greatest fullback of all-time retires - that's Billy Slater for those that are not familiar - and when he goes they replace him with a bloke called Papenhuyzen.

You can see the Slater style in Papenhuyzen, what a sensational job they've done with him.

And now, Cameron Smith calls time on his career and they've got not 1 but 2 excellent options at dummy half.

What they did to Souths last night, particularly in the first 20 minutes, was a strong message to the competition that the Storm are going to be dominant again this year.

In fact, Souths rallied alright, last night's match could well be a grand final preview - there's plenty suggesting that that might be the case.

Sadly for Souths, the Storm are too good, they'll win it all again.

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