So, Steve Smith huh?

So um, yeah, Steve Smith is still pretty good at cricket it turns out.

Dave Warner and Aaron Finch piled on 156 for the first wicket, then out strides Smithy.

Poor old India. Fair dinkum.

He showed us the full repertoire, there was a bit of old fashioned slogging but aside from one chance down near long-on which the Indians butchered, Smith was in complete control.

10th one day international hundred for Smith and the 3rd fastest for Australia in the history of ODI cricket.

It just didn't seem like he was scoring all that quickly for the first 20-30 balls of innings, then someone must have poked the bear.

He went berserk, 100 off 62 and dismissed in the final over for 105.

Of course he wasn't happy to get out, he never is.

Enough writing from me, just enjoy the highlights.

Pretty ridiculous stuff isn't it.

A nice reminder from Smith that whilst Marnie Labuschagne might have stolen some headlines last year, Smithy is still the best.

Cricket is back - you beauty!

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