Should we all chip in $10 to keep Kotoni Staggs?

Anyone else starting to just get a little nervous about the whole Kotoni Staggs being off contract thing?

We can not afford to lose this bloke.

It'd be fair to assume that he'll get shitloads of cash thrown at him next year when he comes off contract, apparently just about every cashed up club is in the conversation.

Staggs' form in 2020 was pretty much the only positive thing to come out of this year, I can't really think of too much else.

He only got the 14 games due to injury, but 10 tries, 12 line breaks and 47 tackle busts was a fair return. Yes, 47 tackle busts.

So to put it simply, we need this guy. I'll say it again, we can not afford to lose him.

We need to sign him for the next 50 years.

It'll be on Kevin Walters and his crew to turn the fortunes of the club around in 2021 and beyond.

If Staggs doesn't see much light at the end of the tunnel in Brisbane, he'll surely want to entertain the idea of moving to a more successful club.

He's got a NSW and Australian jersey just sitting there waiting for him, they've probably already been fitted up.

That means he needs to be winning games, he needs to be getting early ball on the back of a dominant pack.

He can change a game, we've all seen it. The 47 tackle busts don't lie, ask Josh Mansour, he was one of the 47!

So I was thinking, maybe we just all band together and start a fund to keep Kotoni in Brisbane beyond next season, Go Fund Me style.

What do you reckon?

Everyone chip in a tenner, maybe get together some pizza vouchers and anything else we can find on the back of the grocery receipts and top up whatever the Broncos can offer Staggs for 2021 and beyond?

Don't tell anyone at the NRL, we'll just keep it between us.

You'd think it'll be fairly dependent on the Broncos turning things around, remember too, Staggs is going to miss the first half of the season with his knee recovery.

That hurts, big time.

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