Shaun Johnson - take a bow

We're in love with the Cronulla Sharks this week!

We're not really competitors to FoxSports, their owner is worth about $20b, our owner is worth about $2k.

Bit of a difference.

They normally do news and results, we try and provide a different angle on things, maybe provide a few betting markets and a laugh, that sort of stuff.

But today, I read this story and I'd like you to as well.

This is just so good to see.

The normal off-season headlines in the National Rugby League are about drinking, maybe some drugs, a punch or two, etc.

We've seen enough of those - we get it - a lot of these blokes are young, they've got plenty of money to play with and they're in the spotlight.

So it was refreshing to see something like this pop up.

If you didn't read it, it's about Shaun Johnson and the pure joy he has bought to a young Sharks family who's Mother, Sharon Bishop, has been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and has been told she has just two years to live.

How's this poor family, not only has Sharon got her own health battles, but the son Jason was also diagnosed with an acute form of leukaemia.

That's not it, according to the article, the Bishop family also lost their family home to fire 12 months before all of this happened.

Could things get any worse?

It was Johnson's inspiration that kept both Jason and Sharon to want to keep up the fight.

SJ has been with the family, a pillar of strength in some of the worst times imaginable.

I am sure stuff like this happens more regularly then we see, it just doesn't make the front page because it's not clickbait material.

But this is the beauty of sport and the platform it provides our beloved athletes to do good, to bring joy others.

These athletes, to young kids in particular are heroes, like it or not, they are role models, it's part of the deal of playing professional sport, particularly in this day and age of social media.

If athletes fart in the wrong direction these days they're in trouble, so this sort of stuff like Shaun Johnson is doing within the community should be celebrated more often.

I wish I had the money of Rupert Murdoch, I'd be helping out this family with whatever they need, I'll tweet this article to him, let's see how we go.

Well done Shaun Johnson, you're a good man.

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