Shares in the Bulldogs please

About a fortnight ago, I put some thoughts together about where the Bulldogs might finish in 2021, you can read that here.

$4 to make the Top 8 - looks a great price.

Yes, they only won the 3 games in 2020, I get it.

But they fought hard with a roster that lacked experience and to be fair, some skill.

They've added some nice pieces for 2021, Nick Cotric, Kyle Flanagan and Corey Waddell most notably.

Trent Barrett has signed on for 3 years and now news this week of course that Josh Addo-Carr will shift to Canterbury at the end of the 2021 season on a contract worth $2m over 4 years.

So $500,000 a year for a winger - it's big money - but the Fox is the best winger in the game and may well be the best we've seen for quite some time.

So on the field, there's plenty of good that is happening.

Maybe it's a bit premature, 2021 might be a bit soon, but I have tipped them to finish 8th in 2021 and maybe better again in 2022.

So the Bulldogs Army will be happy with what is brewing in that regard.

But the other thing that caught my eye was the great sense of community that this organisation has - and the players just seem to have bought in.

Just recently they took part in a Hampers Of Hope campaign.

So all of a sudden, it now looks as if this Bulldogs organisation is aligned from top-to-bottom. This off-field stuff is so important, it's not just about the football, the NRL is bigger than that, these teams have a platform to do good in the community.

That's what the Bulldogs are doing and you can bet, despite the fact that it's not the motivator for goodwill, but the results on the field will follow as well.

It's not something new to them either, remember their Mad Monday this year? Not spent at the pub, not spent in costume, the Bulldogs went and cooked for the homeless.

That's pretty cool - the Bulldogs Army should be proud!

There's good stuff happening @ the Bulldogs, $4 to make the Top 8 in 2021 - I'm on!

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