Shaq is a good man

We all know Shaq.

He was the most dominant big man the game of basketball has ever seen.

He was a bad ass, tough and intimidating and obviously, very good.

Rookie of the Year, 15-time NBA All-Star, 3-time NBA All-Star MVP, 4-time NBA Champion, the list goes on.

Seriously it does.

Scoring titles, 14 All-NBA team selections, NBA All-Defensive team selections & more.

He's also pretty smart with what he's done with his money.

Investments into Google, Apple, Krispy Kreme Donuts and Papa John's, just to name a few.

Shaq's net worth is speculated to be somewhere around $400m.

Not bad going.

But it's what Shaq does with it that is the best bit.

His latest act of charity was starting an Employee Relief Fund for a local restaurant in Atlanta that he frequents.

But there's other little random acts of kindness that Shaq does that tugs on the heart strings.

What about this one in the news the other day?

Shaq was in a jewellery store just browsing around and noticed a man working out how much he owed on an engagement ring that he'd purchased

Then there were the two kids playing on Apple laptops, they were in love with the things so Shaq decided to surprise them.

The best bit, the kids didn't even know who he was!

Pretty cool.

Yes, I know what you're thinking, the bloke has $400m or thereabouts, all these little swipes of the credit card aren't going to make too much of an impression on his bank balance.

And the cameras on here, it's good for his brand.

But it's common knowledge that Shaq does this wherever he goes, in fact, he's normally not one to do it in front of the cameras.

Shaq's mantra is to make people happy.

Could we have more rich people like Shaq in this world?

One day, when Inside Feed is worth millions, that's what we'll be doing, there might be a bit of work to get done in between then and now.

We'll keep grinding, god bless you Shaq.