Shane Warne just laid the smackdown!

Grab some popcorn...

No doubt you might have heard, but Marlon Samuels is still a dickhead and he's been spectacularly smacked down.

Samuels responded to a bit of banter from English cricket hero Ben Stokes, check it out below.

Pretty foul right?

Well enter the greatest of all-time, Shane Keith Warne.

Warney entered the conversation with one of the all-time great smackdowns that The Rock himself would be proud of.

Ahhh Warney, he only gets better with age. What an absolute legend.

That would have to be one of the all-time great sentences.

'Just because you were an ordinary cricketer-no need to be an ordinary person'.

Fucking brilliant.

You remember when Warne and Samuels had a crack at each other during a Big Bash game in Melbourne? It's perhaps the greatest 7 minutes you can find on YouTube.

The 'fuck you', the grabbing, the bat throw. Classic heckling from The King and poor old Marlon Samuels takes that bait so hard.

Anyways, hopefully for Ben Stokes and his wife, they just shrugs this off and move on with their lives.

Oh and Shane Warne, you're just simply still the best!

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