Reds to Regions is very good

I'm pretty hungover but I wanted to shed some light on something.

They're doing some good stuff with this Reds to Regions tour.

I believe this was the second year they've done it - the players head out to different parts of Queensland and spend a couple of days connecting with the community.

The Reds media crew then do a great job of capturing it all and the players themselves contribute their own content on social media.

It's just done very well.

As a bit of a Reds tragic, it makes me mighty proud to support them.

Of course, limited coverage of it by the Courier Mail, now that Foxtel doesn't own the broadcast rights anymore to Rugby Union in Australia, you can bet the exposure for rugby across Newscorp will be limited.

That's okay - we'll fly the flag for Rugby Union, we're probably about 0.00007% the size of Newscorp.

If the Brisbane Broncos did something like this, it would be front page news.

Sort of like how Payne Haas was front page news the other day.

But they seem to be doing some good stuff down @ Ballymore.

Now the next job for the Reds is to get back into the training paddock and stuck right into the gym and be the best bloody side in Super Rugby. They're $3.20 to win the comp and yes, I've had a decent crack at that.

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